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EcoLend is the online trading platform that helps you increase your profits from 15% to 36% monthly from your money


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    About Us

    EcoLend Limited was founded by a group of experienced investors from financial markets with offices in Hong Kong. Currently we are focusing on three main areas of investment are Online Trading, Investment Fund, Technology.

    Our current business is divided into three categories: short-term, medium-term and long-term to ensure profitability for investors.

    EcoLend Limited is in the process of developing and attracting a lot of attention from institutional investors as well as private investors around the world.

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    EcoLend is in Business

    We always keep our customers' top priority so we divide our investment into three main categories: short, medium and long term with main business lines. Online Trading , Investment funds, technology.

    Online Trading

    The current huge online trading market amounts to $ 7 trillion. These are attractive markets to create a good source of income every day to ensure investors. We have cooperated with more than 200 traders in all markets such as Stocks, Indices, Forex, Crypto, Commodities, Bonds, ETFs ...

    Investment funds

    Current investment funds are also our focus. We have extracted a portion of our capital to invest in top investment funds in the world. Our working partners are Man Group PLC, Viking Global Investors, BlackRock, Lone Pine Capital LLC.


    Technology market is catching up with a new wave of technology Blockchain. We are also the people who love technology Blockchain so we are very interested in developing and investing in this field. Our projects invest most of the potential ICO projects, as well as the practical applications of Blockchain. All are carefully selected by leading experts in the industry.

    Cloud Mining

    The emerging mining money model is Cloud Mining, whereby a miner purchases a piece of hardware exploit that is stored and owned by a Cloud Mining service provider. The service provider performs the hardware configuration, maintains the uptime and chooses the most efficient and reliable pool. Mainly EcoLend to diversify the profit sources we formally participate in. Cloud-based mining program.

    Benefits of joining EcoLend

    Withdraw money immediately

    Receiving your payment is immediately withdrawn as soon as the request is made through our automated system without any restrictions.

    Daily profit

    Invest with a minimum of 0.05 ETH to maximize no limit and get profits on a daily basis through our lucrative investment plans.

    User-friendly interface

    EcoLend's design platform is easy and simple to use so even beginners can operate and navigate it easily from any device.


    EcoLend guarantees the investments of investors as we are supported by organizations as well as third parties verify.

    24/7 support

    EcoLend is a fully automated platform that provides 24/7 customer support and monitoring services to all our investors and alerts about all the latest updates.

    Flexible international team

    EcoLend expand the business around the globe with a representative registration policy to receive the best benefits. The incentive to represent the area is 5% of sales.


    Online Game

    Currently, the Asian gaming market is growing rapidly, accounting for tens of billions of dollars in revenue. With the vision of EcoLend's ecosystem, we will build ECO to serve the global payments of gamers.

    Casino Online

    Casino online is one of the most attractive places to play today and attracts people to gamble a lot. This online casino interacts with the same user when playing live. At online casino EcoLend you play a lot of games with simple rules and attractive promotions such as sicbo, baccarat or spinning. You also have the ability to earn extra ECO from this ecosystem.

    Blockchain EcoLend

    Blockchain is a technology that securely transfers data based on a very complex coding system, similar to a company's accounting ledger, where cash is closely monitored. To increase the safety and development of EcoLend into a diversified ecosystem, we will build a separate Blockchain for ECO.


    Developed in parallel with Blockchain EcoLend, it's EcoWallet to be released. EcoWallet integrates 20 electronic funds that can be exchanged for the lowest fee. If you own ECO, the transaction fee is free.

    EcoLend Exchange

    The fully-featured, fully integrated EcoLend platform of the current exchange will be launched in 2019. Trading with currency pairs and OTC. Members with ECO will be distributed at a 70% transaction cost of the floor. Target to reach top 10 electronic trading platform.

    Cloud Mining

    Cloud Mining is a new area where EcoLend will officially open for mining contracts, EcoLend will handle the Crypto training from A-Z for you and what you need to do is pay for them. This is a new field that brings huge profits to the business.

    Distribution Fund

    • 50% Used for online trading to provide short-term cash flow, ensuring investor returns
    • 30% Invested in investment funds
    • 20% Invested in technology

    Profit Distribution

    • 30% Reinvestment
    • 20% Return to investors
    • 20% Reward
    • 10% Business
    • 10% Insurance fund
    • 10% Coverage

    Token Sale Details

    EcoLend will create the world's largest community analysis platform to give everyone a maximized opportunity for profit.

    What is a ECOLEND?

    ECOLEND is the native platform token. It empowers merchants to take control over their marketplace by voting on platform improvement proposals.

    Token Utility

    The ECO token is used to vote on platform proposals for the decentralized marketplace. Over time, this model hands all decision power to token owners.

    Token Name




    Total supply

    280,000,000 ECO

    Payment Method


    Pre-Sale Bonus Crowdsale Team Locked
    Token 28.000.000 56.000.000 84.000.000 56.000.000 56.000.000
    Price 0.000050 ETH 0.000070 ETH 0.000090 ETH Undefined Undefined
    Bonus 30% 0% 60%
    Time 15 July Start Register Undefined

    Participation Process EcoLend

    Step 1


    Join our system just register a free account with some information.

    Step 2


    You will need to verify your information in order to facilitate all transactions at our system and also to secure your account.

    Step 3


    Join at least 0.05 ETH with us to make the best profit every day

    Step 4

    Profit and share

    Revive your daily profit and share it for everyone to make a better profit

    Investment Program

    EcoLend provides three best investment opportunities and opens the door for people to increase their investment potential.

    • Basic

      0.05 ETH - 3 ETH

      0.5% - 0.7% daily

      300 days

    • Bronze

      3.05 ETH - 10 ETH

      0.6% - 0.8% daily

      300 days

    • Silver

      10.05 ETH - 20 ETH

      0.7% - 0.9% daily

      300 days

    • Comming Soon

      20.05 ETH - 30 ETH

      1% - 1.2% daily

      300 days

    • Comming Soon

      30,05 ETH - 50 ETH

      1.2% - 1.5% daily

      300 days

    Affiliate Marketing

    Our referral system is 12 levels deep. After the study, we concluded that this system provides the best balance: scalable while offering generous rewards to users engaged in the development of EcoLend.










    Our goals for this year

    • Q1 2018

      The idea started
      Proof of theory

    • Q2 2018

      Start developing platforms
      Core development
      Build and find suitable partners

    • Q3 2018

      Launched the official project
      Raising funds from investors
      Give the reward to investors early

    • Q4 2018

      Joint development of the community
      Assist national representatives to promote the business

    • Q1 2019

      Sale of ECO Token to the public
      Prepare for free trading

    • Q2 2019

      Listed on Cryptopia, HitBTC,CoinExchange, Mecartox
      Use Eco as a currency to lend to other currencies
      Launched EcoTrade platform
      Casino Online

    • Q3 2019

      Global Investors Conference
      Announcing the second phase of the project
      Launched Online Game
      Launched ECOWallet

    • Q4 2019

      Capital gain of $ 30 million.
      Become the best start-up company.
      Launched ECO Blockchain application
      Online Payment

    Investment Funds

    Strategic Partnership


    You can trade EcoLend Token (ECO) on these exchangers. But the token has no value yet until the ICO/Selfdrop is over.